HURCO® develops and manufactures CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers. In addition, as a® CNC machine manufacturer with over 50 years of experience, HURCO offers individual solutions as well as the industry's fastest CNC control MAX ®5. As an efficient international manufacturer, our high-quality products are used in the aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical technology and energy industries as well as in transport and computer technology.

Since the company was founded more than 50 years ago, the needs of our customers have always been our focus.

Our vision has always been to create a CNC control system that enables companies to program CNC machines quickly, thereby realizing shorter setup times and significantly increasing profitability.

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Through many years of close cooperation with users, we know your requirements exactly. As a modern company with a high level of innovation and on the basis of extensive market analyses, we always develop CNC machines and CNC controls for individual and small series as a complete product line. In this way, we ensure that our solutions fit your diverse needs.


From the design to the final product

As an independent traditional company in the field of CNC milling and turning, we are always aware of our obligation towards our customers, employees and business partners.

Short paths and uncomplicated management enable fast action and reaction to your needs. And this results in the right solution: CNC technology that leads purposefully and quickly from the drawing to the finished part, both for individual parts and small series.

Due to the size of the company, we are able to fulfil individual customer wishes quickly and flexibly with an optimal, partnership-oriented service, while at the same time reacting innovatively to the requirements of the future.

Continuity, partnership, quality, innovation and service are the principles of our company philosophy.

The goal is the optimal interaction between technology and people.


The industry's fastest CNC control MAX® 5

Our MAX ®5 CNC machine control, coupled with the power of WINMAX CNC software®, is the key to increased profitability in shop floor manufacturing. This is made possible by the highly efficient low-volume high-mix production, which leads to a reduction in set-up and programming times.

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HURCO Abstract

Our co-founder Gerald Roch developed conversational programming, creating an alternative to complicated G-code programming that puts the operator back in control at the CNC machine. Even manufacturing operations using NC and CAD/CAM software were able to achieve increased productivity by using the versatile HURCO®CNC control. These shops used NC programming for complex part production, but conversational programming for one-off production, simple 2-D machining and/or fixturing.


The right CNC machine for every requirement

Only with a high degree of flexibility can we adapt to new situations and circumstances and offer our customers individual and holistic solutions.

The range of CNC machining centres offered by HURCO®, which extends from 3-axis to large-format milling machines, is wide and offers the right CNC machine for every operation. But milling alone should not be enough. The TMX, TMM and TM series include a range of CNC turning centres with chuck sizes up to 455 mm as well as turning/milling machines that support the "done in one" principle (combining all machining processes in one machine).

Whether turning, milling, 2D or 3D machining, HURCO®s CNC machine tools with integrated control let you machine faster than other CNC machine tools. Your expertise combined with our control technology - that is "mind over metal".


We manufacture high-quality and highly efficient CNC machines. For this purpose, we only use components from first-class brand manufacturers and specialist suppliers, with whom we often have long-term partnerships. The production is carried out according to demanding quality specifications and our quality management is certified according to ISO 900: 2008.

CNC machine users who trust HURCO®

Geschäftsführer Philipp Fischer der Firma Westwood Performance
Westwood Performance

“We can produce parts for classic models and for motorsports vehicles even if the parts don’t exist anymore. And we can do it in just a few hours,” said Philipp Fischer to describe the business concept of Westwood Performance. To sum it all up, “We specialize in historical sports cars, and our main focus is drive technology.”

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Christoph Icking und Klaus Blömer, Geschäftsführer BL-ICK Kunststofftechnik GmbH
BL-ICK Kunststofftechnik GmbH

To meet the demands of our customers concerning the size and complexity of parts, we therefore use 5- and 3-axis machines of varying dimensions. The majority are HURCO machining centers, including one VMX 30 Ui, one VMX 42 SRTi, two VMX 42 i's and one VMX 50 i. A uniform control system means we can have any employee work at any machine.

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Joachim Steffens, Karin Wergen von Mechanik Wergen GmbH
Wergen Mechanik
Einzelteil- und Kleinserienfertiger

When I contacted HURCO about 15 years ago, a consultant promptly came to us with the control system under his arm and demonstrated it. With that, he had won.

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Mario Schantl, Leiter Werkzeugbau der Firma Austria Druckguss
Austria Druckguss GmbH & Co. KG

With tolerances in the hundredths range, precision and sustainability are our primary concerns. It is therefore enormously important for us that we can also use the software options 'AdaptiPath' for trochoidal milling and 'Ultimotion' for highly dynamic machining with the 'WinMax' control.

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