Customers Adopt Versatile Control to Increase Productivity

By our CNC control! Our CNC machine control, powered by WinMax CNC software, is the key to making job shops more profitable because it is designed to make small batch/high mix production efficient by reducing setup time and programming time. In fact 65 % of our customers answered in a recent survey that “The HURCO CNC Control” is what they most liked about HURCO.

Our co-founder Gerald Roch invented conversational programming, which removes the obstacle of complicated G-code programming and puts the power back in the hands of the CNC machinist. However, even shops who use NC and rely on CAD/CAM software have found increased productivity by leveraging the versatility of the HURCO CNC control. These shops use NC for the complex parts, but use conversational for one-offs, simple 2D work, and/or fixturing.


Your advantages with HURCO.

  • faster from the drawing to the finished part
  • shortest learning curve
  • fastest programming
  • quick overview by double screen
  • designed ergonomically

HURCO Has the CNC Machine You Need for Continued Success

From 5-axis to large format milling centers designed for the aerospace and energy sectors, there is a HURCO CNC machine for you. Our flagship VMX line is the workhorse of 3-axis CNC machining centers. But we don’t stop at milling. We have worked diligently to ensure our CNC turning centers are up to par with our mills.

The TMX, TMM, and TM lines include a range of CNC turning centers with chuck sizes up to 455 mm and mill turn machines that support the “done in one” philosophy (all machining processes are done in one machine). Whether you are turning, milling, doing 2D parts or 3D parts, HURCO CNC machine tools, equipped with our integrated control, let you get down to the business of making chips faster than any other CNC machine tool. Your expertise paired with our control technology – that’s mind over metal.