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Automation with hurco ─ enhanced production efficiency

Open source interface ─ our basis for implementing your custom automation solution

HURCO machining centers can connect to almost any available robotic solution for machine tools through an open source interface. HURCO advises its customers as they design their custom automation solutions and closely collaborates with established automation suppliers:
AMF, BMO, Erowa, Fanuc Robotics, FMB, Indunorm, Lang Technik, Pro Cobots, Robojob, Universal Robots, Zero Clamp.

Our applications engineering team comprises experienced metal-machining specialists who are happy to support you when it comes to incorporating robotics and digital technologies into the production process.

Integrating loading robots boosts capacity

Automated feeding and discharge of workpieces makes it possible to run a third shift without an operator or set up parallel production with multiple machining centers managed by a single operator. A robotics solution gives you longer machine operating times as well as greater flexibility when it comes to production processes and the use of personnel. The DNC interface connects HURCO machining portals and automation systems to a synchronized production unit with higher-level process management. Many loading robots also support flexible tool and gripper changes in the course of the production process.

Industrial automation from HURCO

2-Faktor-AuthentifizierungAn jeder Stelle bidirektionale Kommunikation mit SSL-Verschlüsselung
2-factor authentication ─ bidirectional communication with SSL encryption at every point

Ready for Industry 4.0 with HURCO

With its WinMax control system, the Windows-based operating system and an internationally aligned interface standard, HURCO is thoroughly prepared for compliance with the specifications prescribed in Industry 4.0. This, in turn, gives our customers the technical resources required for intelligent linkage of machines and workpieces in production as well as implementation of such features as blockchain solutions between the production systems used by the contract manufacturer and the OEM commissioning the job. Our application engineers will support you directly on site as you integrate and implement digitalization resources.

HURCO machining centers use the MT-Connect manufacturing standard. Machine data logging makes it possible to immediately access availability and performance analyses as well as visualizations and evaluations for numerically controlled machine tools. This standard harmonizes perfectly with the Windows-based operating system and intuitive WinMax control system. The license-free application interconnects plants, applications and entire factories while also furnishing an integrated overall production system.

The HURCO job list lets you quickly and easily create a list of individual work steps. Programs and subroutines are then listed and linked to the corresponding pallet and part number. This, in turn, eliminates the effort and expense of additional programming.

Examples of automation solutions for the industry

The Titanium robot from BMO operates two CNC machining centers that are docked to the right and left of the loading system. The pieces to be machined are fed into the robot cell on trays. The robotic arm integrated within the cell positions these one at a time in the HURCO machining center and removes them after completion to deposit them back into trays in the cell.

Pallet automation with the EROWA Robot Compact 80: The software of the loading robot coordinates activities and processes the production orders on the machining portal. This process can also be reversed: at which point the external loading systems are controlled by the WinMax control system. A DNC interface is used in both scenarios. The EROWA Robot Compact 80 can operate up to two CNC machining centers that are docked to the right and left of the loading system.