31.05.2022 | pressemitteilung

HURCO at METAV 2022:

HURCO knows how to create bespoke metal-cutting and machining concepts, and the machine tool manufacturer will be demonstrating its implementation expertise yet again at METAV 2022 in Düsseldorf. From June 21 to 24, the focus will be fixed on manufacturers of one-off parts and limited production series, with advice on application-oriented solutions available at Stand A10 in Hall 16.

18.02.2022 | blogbeitrag

Programming free-form surfaces right at the machine

HURCO introduces yet another market innovation by offering you the option of program-ming free-form surfaces directly at the machine. This feature lets contract manufacturers take on jobs that were previously too time-intensive or unprofitable by allowing them to dispense with the detour through a separate CAD/CAM system.

06.12.2021 | pressemitteilung

Integrated software with smoother running

The “multi-axis” turning centers have been further developed, especially in the software and drives.

11.10.2021 | pressemitteilung

New 5-axis-machining center – VCX600i XP

The VCX600i XP is a new machining center that has been developed with all the know-how from the 5-axis range.

05.10.2021 | aktuelles

10,000 HURCO machines have already been installed in Germany

With the sale of a “VM30i Plus” to Ingenieurbüro Braun, HURCO has delivered its 10,000th machine in Germany.

05.08.2021 | pressemitteilung

Demand served with pinpoint accuracy – VMX50Di

The 3-axis machining center “VMX50Di” is designed for demanding applications with high cutting performance.

02.07.2021 | blogbeitrag

5-axis machining of a connecting rod utilizing an external CAM system

This video shows you the process employed to produce a stainless-steel connecting rod using 5-axis machining.

20.05.2021 | aktuelles

Yamaha SR500 built on a HURCO

Maxime wanted to build a motorcycle with parts machined with a HURCO.

16.04.2021 | aktuelles

Trochoidal milling – Standard with the WinMax-control

Trochoidal milling enables higher cutting speeds with less stress on tool and machine.

05.12.2019 | blogbeitrag

Aluminium engine block – CNC milling with a 5-axis machining center

Tips and strategies for optimum production by Sebastian Herr, Head of HURCO – Application Engineering.

16.10.2019 | pressemitteilung

Machining centers – success factors for automation and industry 4.0

CNC machining centers from HURCO can be combined with almost all loading systems for machine tools to create individual automation solutions and production chains.

13.05.2019 | statement

The drivers of CNC 5-axis machining technology development – control and automation

This issue focuses on the technological advancement of 5-axis machining, machine controls and automation of manufacturing operations in the machining industry.

16.04.2019 | pressemitteilung

Combination of CNC machines and loading robots: greater efficiency in manufacturing

Collaboration between machine tool manufacturer HURCO and suppliers of automated loading systems has resulted in higher productivity and greater returns. Automated loading enables capacity expansion in individual piece and small series production without a need for additional personnel to operate the machines.

03.01.2019 | pressemitteilung

From 3-axis to 5-axis applications – HURCO reliably supports operators in optimizing machining procedures

The easy-to-operate Max 5 control system and the solid model import option from HURCO make 5-axis milling easier for operators. Overall, HURCO offers a service package that helps operators quickly attain production optimization in 5-axis milling, even if they are beginners.

14.09.2018 | pressemitteilung

Extended production spectrum

The built-in swivel head-/rotary table configuration increases flexibility.

17.08.2018 | pressemitteilung

Fit for 24-hour production

HURCO and the specialist for process automation, EROWA, are unveiling a joint solution for the automated loading of machining centers.

21.06.2018 | pressemitteilung

50 years of HURCO machine tools – 50 years of innovation

Short processing times and outstanding precision in all machining steps are distinguishing features shared by all HURCO machining centers. With an innovative computer-based control unit, Hurco’s story of success began in 1968 in the American state of Indiana.

02.03.2018 | pressemitteilung

Solid Model Import-Option

Reduce programming time, avoid programming errors

20.10.2017 | pressemitteilung

HURCO expands its international market position

Acquisition of two machine tool companies in the U.S. and Taiwan.

13.09.2017 | pressemitteilung

24/7 production: Loading and unloading HURCO machining centers automatically

24/7 production: Loading and unloading HURCO machining centers automatically.

15.05.2015 | pressemitteilung

High-quality control software optimizes yield

The question of the “right” control system dominates the trade fairs. HURCO shows a successful machine concept.