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HURCO at METAV 2022:

Automation partner for contract manufacturers

HURCO knows how to create bespoke metal-cutting and machining concepts, and the machine tool manufacturer will be demonstrating its implementation expertise yet again at METAV 2022 in Düsseldorf. From June 21 to 24, the focus will be fixed on manufacturers of one-off parts and limited production series, with advice on application-oriented solutions available at Stand A10 in Hall 16.

HURCO VMX42Di mit Procobot Roboter und Bediener

Pliening, May 2022: Machine tool automation is a top-priority item on the agenda of contract manufacturers devoted to limited and medium-sized production runs. The salient considerations extend from extending machine operating times to ways of compensating for scarce personnel resources. The trend toward individualized products and smaller batch sizes is proceeding at a lightning pace, but automated processes to meet the challenge are often already available. The choice of which solution to select is defined by the specific manufacturing job and the available infrastructure. When it comes to automation, there are no universally applicable rules, which is why consultations are so important. Another reason why HURCO places such priority on direct personal contact with its customers.

“Both our sales and support staff, as well as our applications technicians, can frequently be found in consultations at the customer’s premises. Based on the machine inventory and the on-site production structure, we determine precisely where we can provide support, and what kind of automation makes sense,” emphasizes Sebastian Herr, Application Support Manager at HURCO of Germany. “These consultations are just one of the focal points defining our presence at the exhibition in Düsseldorf.”

Structure-based automation

Procobot Automation Knickarm bei Beladung

HURCO cooperates with its partners to offer to users exactly the right automation solution. “This expands our spectrum and makes us extremely flexible,” notes Herr. “Ultimately, the market already offers tried-and-tested solutions, and we integrate these in our own projects.” One of the options that HURCO offers contract manufacturers for their stand-alone machines is automated loading. While this includes a part-handling system to put the parts in the machine, automated loading of two interlinked machines is also available. “Often, cobots represent a good start in automation. These are fast, teachable, flexible systems that work together with the operator.” Users have the opportunity to clarify this technology’s suitability for their own operations at the HURCO stand, where they can also discuss whether an articulated-arm robot should take over part-handling chores in a manufacturing cell. HURCO responds to complex challenges with custom-tailored solutions for loading and pallet handling – tasks that can be combined on almost all HURCO machines.

Individual is standard

The foundations for rapid and application-oriented implementation of automation solutions, including digitalization, monitoring and evaluation, are contributed by a Windows-based operating system and the MT Connect open-source interface featured on HURCO assemblies. Network-supported DNC interfaces can be employed for mutual communications between machines and robots. “This network and interface architecture supports individual adaptation of automated systems to reflect user requirements, as well as creation of integrated production systems and blockchain solutions between the contract manufacturers and their clients,” underlines Herr, who also promises the in-depth consultations to support the process. The organizational tasks for automated manufacturing are then assumed by a project-management system developed by HURCO, or a system that incorporates the automation solution of an appropriate partner.

At METAV, users can also discuss how to select the most suitable concept with HURCO specialists, along with implementation of a specific automation solution in a process that even embraces optimization during running production operations. “We are looking forward to technical discussions in Düsseldorf,” concludes Herr.



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