06.12.2021 | pressemitteilung

Integrated software with smoother running

HURCO “Multi axes” series has been revised

HURCO has revised the turning centers of the “Multi axes” series. Designed for the turning and milling of medium-sized parts, the machines have been further developed, particularly with regard to the software.

Pliening, Germany, November 2021: The software bundle of the series now also includes Solid Model Import, which makes the models equal to the software status of the HURCO milling machines: same operating concept, same terminology, same features. This is of particular benefit to contract manufacturers who flexibly machine individual parts and small batches and carry out the milling work on a suitably equipped lathe. At the same time, they can quickly switch between their machines without having to make any changes to the control.

“With the lathe series, HURCO strategically rounds off its overall program,” classifies Sebastian Herr, Head of Application Technology. “Users do not have to use an additional control in their company with this. Those who appreciate the dialog control with the DXF and solid model import options on their milling machine are also right with the lathes.”

The “multi-axis” series comprises seven versions which – fully equipped – are supplied “ready to produce”. Depending on requirements, the user can fall back on more complex versions with turrets, driven tools and additional Y and W axes and specifically expand the machining spectrum. For example, a pocket with a straight bottom can be machined on a cylinder surface using the Y-axis; the TMX version with counter spindle can machine the front and rear sides. If, for example, flanges and pipe connectors are manufactured with the multi-axis turning centers, the applications of the TMX series extend to complex machine components.


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