10,000 HURCO machines have already been installed in Germany

The myriad is complete

Hurco GmbH has delivered its 10,000th machine in Germany with the sale of a 3-axis machining center.

Pliening, Germany, August 2021: With the sale of a “VM 30 i Plus” to the Martin Braun engineering office, HURCO has brought its 10,000th machine to the user in Germany. The 3-axis machining center, which has a clamping surface of 1,321 x 508 mm and a maximum

table load of 1,800 kg combined with a 15 kW spindle up to 12,000 min- 1, an SK40 interface and a tool changer with 24 places, is now machining in Enkenbach-Alsenborn near Kaiserslautern.

“We are very pleased about the sale of the 10,000th machine, as this is an expression of the appreciation of the German market and its special significance for HURCO,” says Michael Auer, Managing Director Hurco GmbH. “We are particularly happy for owner Martin Braun, who has been a convinced HURCO machine user for years.”

Machine parks with HURCO machines

Half of the machinery in Enkenbach-Alsenborn, which currently comprises 14 machining centers, consists of HURCO machines. Production is primarily for mechanical engineering, with the 3- and 5-axis centers characterized by flexibility, machining width and convenient operation. Why does Martin Braun always choose a HURCO machine? He finds, “The machines offer a competitive advantage, and the control is ideal for us.”


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Alexandra Banek

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