EMO 2023: HURCO focuses on automation and simple programming

HURCO’s focus for this year’s EMO will be on automation and simplification of programming processes. The company will demonstrate how free-form surfaces are easy to program for processing right at the machine using the HURCO control system. Tried-and-true parts-handling systems will be exhibited as well. “Contract manufacturing is all about completing orders quickly and reliably. We help our customers successfully meet these demands by providing machines and software that can meet the challenge,” explained Sebastian Herr, Applications Technology Manager at HURCO.


Automation with ProCobots

Procobot Automation Knickarm bei Beladung

At the Hanover trade fair, HURCO will present ProFeeder, a solution that’s part of the company’s own ProCobots brand. ProFeeder can be used with different HURCO machines, based on operational needs. At EMO, the parts-handling system will be shown working with the TM 8 Mi lathe. The cobot is mounted on a chassis with wheels for this demonstration. It requires just one automatic door, which can be ordered as part of a new project. The doors can be retrofitted on all the machines ordered.

The ProFeeder is easy to integrate into your processes. Just set it up via the user-friendly WinMax software from HURCO and the Automation Job Manager solution developed specifically for ProCobots. “The flexible performance of our control system is plain to see here. With the automation solution, its job manager loads the parts without problems,” said Sebastian Herr. “The cobot’s software is not required. This eliminates problems with data transmission and accelerates your processes. With the two screens, the operator also gets to work in a familiar environment the whole time. Plus, the interfaces haven’t changed. There are lots of images, not much text – and all the other features of the WinMax control system. The system is fast. It is also dialog-oriented and includes every step that needs to be initiated in automated parts handling.”


Implementing custom automation processes

HURCO’s CNC machine tools can be connected to most robotics and automation solutions via an open-source interface. To this end, HURCO cooperates with 28 partner companies. The network includes, for example, Robojob, EROWA, Kösters or Ecosphere with established standard solutions and companies such as Zorn Maschinenbau, which offer customized solutions as special machine builders.

With this partner network, HURCO can create efficient automation solutions that perfectly meet customer requirements, even for single-components and small series production.


Program free-form surfaces right at the machine

The second major topic at the company’s booth at EMO: further simplification of direct programming right at the machine. “We want to help our customers run an efficient operation, even when the market shrinks turnaround times and resource availability. That’s why our control system is constantly learning,” Sebastian Herr said. New this year: the Surfacing option.  HURCO’s Solid Model Import software option makes it possible to import 3D models formatted as STEP files right at the HURCO machine. The Surfacing option expands the import capability for solid models to include the surface data set. The new functionality makes it possible to use the control system to program even complex free-form surfaces at the machine for processing. According to Sebastian Herr: “Before this development, you always needed a CAM workstation to handle free-form surfaces. With our new Surfacing function, the process is simple and happens right at the machine via the control system.”

HURCO at EMO: Hall 12, Booth D68


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