Reinforcement for the team: Cobots make machine loading easy

Loading parts into the machine takes time and is also not one of the most exciting tasks. If you want to relieve your specialists of this, a cobot is just the thing. At EMO next week, we will be showing our own automation solution: Hall 12, Booth D68.

The “ProFeeder” cobots are suitable for anyone who wants to relieve their employees quickly and without much effort. The helpful cobots are available in cart and table versions. The path from installation to application is short, as the Job Manager software is integrated into the MAX 5 control system of HURCO machining and turning centers.

No one needs a degree to use our ProFeeder. Anyone can work with it, even without background knowledge of robots. It is easy to set up and performs its tasks almost like a third arm. This frees up the operator’s time for other tasks, such as setup or programming. And it’s an attractively priced solution that can pay for itself in less than a year.

There are two versions. The “ProFeeder Cart” is supplied with two carts. This allows the cobot to be loaded from one cart while the other is already being reloaded. This means less downtime. The grid plates are standardized so that the cobot can pick up the components quickly. The “ProFeeder Table” is a heavy-duty solution for a large number of parts and therefore has a large work table. This mobile system can alternately load several machines at once. Here a change of the grid plates is done quickly.

Grab where you need them

The ProCobots consist of the “UR10e” robot arm and an adaptive gripping system. As a collaborative system, the cobot manages without any special protective housing because, unlike large loading solutions, it can be safely integrated into production. Alternatively, an electronic or pneumatic gripper is available. The clamping force can be precisely adjusted on the electronic version in order to handle particularly sensitive components carefully. The pneumatic version also packs heavy components up to 6.5 kg into the machine.

Visit us at EMO: Hall 12, Booth D68.

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