From 3-axis to 5-axis applications – HURCO reliably supports operators in optimizing machining procedures

Solid Model Import and Max5-control

When optimizing machining operations, HURCO supports the operator safely and reliably.

Pliening, Germany, November 2018: The easy-to-operate Max 5 control system and the solid model import option from HURCO make 5-axis milling easier for operators. Overall, HURCO offers a service package that helps operators quickly attain production optimization in 5-axis milling, even if they are beginners. “Operators who want to produce highly complex components on a regular basis should not shy away from investing in a 5-axis machine,” recommends Sebastian Herr, Head of Application Engineering at HURCO. “If I have to constantly re-clamp workpieces 4 or 5 times on a 3-axis machine, then it makes sense to use the 5-axis machine from the outset.”


The HURCO VC 500i machining center is a good entry-level model for 5-side machining in single part and small series production. Thanks to easy and fast programming and the traveling column concept, the 5-axis traveling column machine with rotary/swivel table is ideal for a wide range of applications, from contract production to mechanical engineering. As is the case with the 3-axis machine, machining is linear, but is performed simultaneously on several sides. As a result, employees can switch over from 3-axis to 5-axis machining with little additional training.

HURCO 3-axis machines can be upgraded without any issues.

Each HURCO machine is equipped with software that permits 5-axis machining. “If Production occasionally requires more complex parts with more than two or three clamping processes, the most efficient choice is to upgrade an existing 3-axis machine,” says Sebastian Herr. A hardware upgrade itself only requires a day, plus one additional day to train employees. However, the machine delivered with 3-axis configuration is not equipped with the corresponding guides and glass scales and, therefore, does not operate quite as accurately. “I can always achieve higher precision when working on a component using a 5-axis machine,” adds the Head of HURCO Application Engineering.

Alexandra Banek - HURCO Marketing ManagerHURCO Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
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Alexandra Banek

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Alexandra Banek
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