The most powerful control in industry

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CNC programming: WinMax control

If your goal is to increase profitability by reducing setup time and programming time, the Hurco CNC control is for you. We’ve separated the benefits of our control into sections so you can easily evaluate each feature to see how our technology can make your shop more profitable.


The most powerful control in industry

  • faster from the drawing to the finished part
  • shortest learning curve
  • fastest programming
  • quick overview by double screen
  • designed ergonomically

Automated programming by DXF

DXF files can be read directly into the CNC control. The geometry data can be automatically transferred to the machining program. Afterwards, only the technology data (tool, radius compensation) has to be added.
Maximum benefit from the advantages of both programming methods

The option NC program jump enables the integration of NC programs in dialog programs.

Software Features *

HURCO Concersational Programming

  • AdaptiPath™ (Adaptive Trochoidal Milling)
  • NC/Conversational Merge
  • 100 Work Offsets (G Code)
  • Tool Change Optimization
  • DXF and 3D DXF Transfer
  • Solid Model Import (STEP)
  • Solid Model Import (STEP)
  • Program Manager Function
  • Inch-Metric Toggle
  • Program Review with Cut/Copy/Paste
  • Mill Cycles (with AutoCalc Function)
    • Lines & Arcs
    • Circle
    • Frame
    • Mill Face
    • Swept Surface with 3D Mold
    • Thread Milling
    • Slot
    • Stick Lettering
    • TrueType® Lettering
    • Serial Number Lettering (Lettering and Part Serialization)
  • Pocketing with unlimited islands
  • Drill Cycles
    • Drilling (Toll Retract / Chip Breaker)
    • Rigid Tapping with Pecking
    • Bore Orient
    • Deep Hole Drilling
    • Custom Drill Cycle
  • Program Parameters
    • Programmable Roughing Stock Allowance
    • Safety Zone Selection
    • Helix Plunging Cycle
  • Pattern Blocks
    • Loop Rotate
    • Mirror Image
    • Loop Rectangular
    • Loop Translate

NC Programming

  • NC-Editor
  • 99 Work Offsets (G-Code)
  • Fanuc0-compatibility
  • G Codes
  • M-Codes


  • Automatic Safe Repositioning
  • 3-D Tool Compensation
  • Rotary Axes Centerline Probing
  • Shortest Angular Traverse
  • Tool Center Point Management
  • Tool Path Linearization
  • Transform Plane
  • Tool Vector Canned Cycles
  • Tool Vector Input & Retract

Tool Management

  • Tool and Material Library
  • Tool Management (Database Interfaces)
  • Tool Life Monitoring
  • Toll Probing with Laser* or Touch Probe*
  • Advanced Tool Utilities and Settings

Review and Verification Graphics

  • Remote Maintenance
  • Automatic Error Check
  • Advanced Verification Graphics with 3D Solid Rendering
  • Fast Draw Graphics Engine
  • Graphics Display (Tool Path, Solids, Projection in 3 Planes, Isometric)
  • Graphical Code Search
  • Real Time Tool Simulation
  • Individual Stock Geometry (STL)

Automatic Mode

  • Customizable Digital Readout Overlay (DRO)
  • Auto Interrupt Cycle
  • Cycle Start / Feed Hold
  • Control and Machine Diagnostics
  • Coolant Select (Dual)
  • Distance To Go
  • Estimated Run Time
  • Feed Rate, Rapid Traverse and RPM Override
  • Spindle Load Monitor
  • Concurrent Programming
  • Speed and Feed Edit while Running
  • Job List
  • UltiMotion™

The points marked with * are optional.