Extended production spectrum

The built-in swivel head-/rotary table configuration increases flexibility.

Machining centers in the SRTi series from mechanical engineers HURCO have been developed specifically for handling heavy precision parts where complex contours need to be machined despite their heavy weight and above-average size.

Pliening, Germany, September 2018: At the AMB trade fair, for instance, HURCO used the VMX 60 SRTi to exemplify how large travel ranges combined with a swivel-head rotary table configuration effectively extends the production spectrum. This configuration enables horizontal machining and optimal chip control. As the C-axis, the permanently integrated rotary table supports unrestricted angle movement. This is an aspect that shortens machining times and has a positive effect on the cost-effectiveness offered by the machine – as Michael Auer, Managing Director for HURCO GmbH, explains: “If the machine is to circle the workpiece to mill the surface of a cylinder, then the table performs a continuous rotational movement.”

Only one clamping process

All C-axis rotary tables in the SRTi series are capable of unlimited continuous movement. The B-axis swivel head also provides access to the workpiece on a swiveled machining plane. This is an advantage when machining complex contours, such as impellers or turbines, according to Michael Auer: “Clamping processes cost time. For these frequently requested machining combinations, the time savings from having just one single clamping process, without sacrificing accuracy, is an important competitive advantage in contract manufacturing.”

Productivity increases thanks to loading systems.

The opportunity of loading without human intervention by means of automated systems also increases the efficiency of HURCO machines. “We collaborate with providers of various automatic loading systems”, explains Michael Auer. “This means we can exactly match a wide variety of customer requirements to achieve a sustainable method for increasing productivity.” The result in practice: HURCO coordinates with customers to develop a matching solution consisting of the machining center and a loading robot from one of its partners. This can extend to integration of a machine tool into an existing, digital production system.

The objective of automated loading systems is sustainable capacity expansion, with the proviso that additional personnel are not required for machine operation. HURCO will demonstrate a current, comprehensive integration example at the AMB. This consists of combining the HURCO VMX 60 SRTi and an EROWA Robot Compact 80.


Alexandra Banek - HURCO Marketing ManagerHURCO Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Alexandra Banek
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Alexandra Banek

HURCO Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Alexandra Banek
Gewerbestraße 5 a
85652 Pliening

phone+49 (89) 905094 - 29
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