Trio of machines for workpieces with complex profiles

CNC 5-axis machining centers process heavy parts with optimum chip control.

Versatile usage possibilities due to generously dimensioned rotary tables. Tool access with tilted working plane and complex contours.

Pliening, Germany, March 2015: CNC 5-axis machining centers in the SRTi series from HURCO offer multi-faceted benefits in more ways than one. The three machine models with a swivel head and rotary table have been developed specifically for handling heavy precision parts in cases where complex contours need to be machined despite a heavy weight and above-average size. Their large, permanently integrated rotary table makes them ideal for this application. The additional space on the table can be used for additional work as well as 3 or 4-axis machining. The swivel head/rotary table configuration enables horizontal machining and optimal chip control. All of the machines are equipped with a pimp system for chip flushing. As the C-axis, the rotary table supports unrestricted angle movement. This is an aspect that shortens machining times and has a positive effect on the cost-effectiveness offered by the machine, as Michael Auer, Managing Director for HURCO GmbH, explains, “If the machine is expected to circle the workpiece in order to perform milling on the surface of a cylinder, the table needs to be able to perform a continuous rotational movement. But if the C-axis is restricted to plus/minus 360 degrees during movement, the machine has to rotate the workpiece back again at regular intervals.”

Saving time with just one clamping process

All C-axis rotary tables in the SRTi series from HURCO can move continuously without restriction. In addition, the B-axis swivel head enables access to the workpiece on a swiveled machining plane—a big advantage when machining complex contours like impellers or turbines. “Clamping processes cost time. For these frequently requested machining combinations, the time savings from having just one single clamping process, without sacrificing any accuracy, is an important competitive advantage in contract manufacturing,” says Auer. The done-in-onpe principle – the idea of combining several machining processe in one machine – is a permanent fixture in the development work at HURCO.

The three machines in the series differ in their qualification for various applications due to the size of the workpieces they are able to machine and their spindle speed. The VMX 42 SRTi and VMX 42 HSRTi variants offer a maximum working area of 1,279 x 610 mm and 1,080 mm of X-axis traversing. Their big sister, the VMX 60 SRTi, has a working area of 1,675 x 660 mm. Their Y-axis also provides 50 mm of additional traversing. The VMX 42 HSRTi is the fastest of the trio, with a spindle operating at 18,000 revolutions per minute. They all have one thing in common: an  exceptionally large working space for their machine class.

Despite differences in design, all of the machines stem from a standardized concept. This means that operators familiar with one machine can immediately feel at home operating the others. In terms of operating comfort, they also offer large door openings that make it easier to load the machine table as well as large, easy-to-open side doors for straightforward access during maintenance work.

Programming complex workpieces twice as fast

The 5-axis machines in the SRTi series come with a “WinMax” conversational control system, optionally equipped with the DXF option. The high-performance control system software from HURCO simplifies programming for 5-side machining and provides the setup for producing precision parts in just three steps. “Compared to other conversational programming systems, our WinMax DXF software reduces the programming time for a workpiece by up to 50 percent,” reports Michael Auer.

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Alexandra Banek

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